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ATV Users

Pa residents owning and intending to use their ATV in Pennsylvania must be titled and registered with the DCNR except those used exclusively as a farm or business vehicle.

Liability insurance coverage is required for all ATVs that are required to have general registration. Some companies will not insure small ATVs that minors operate. There are a few companies in Pa that will cover them, check with your insurance agent.

It is illegal to operate an ATV without a securely fastened helmet.

A driver must be at least 16 years of age unless he has a safety certificate and is under direct supervision of a person at least 18 years of age or if he is on land owned or leased by a parent or legal guardian.

It is unlawful to operate an ATV on any highway which is not designated and posted as an ATV road.

Every owner of an ATV used or operated in the state of Pennsylvania shall be liable and responsible for death or injury  to a person or damage to property resulting from neligence in the use of the ATV.

Every ATV operated during hours of darkness shall display a lighted head lamp and tail lamp.

Property Owners

No person shall operate an ATV on private property without the consent of the owner. Any person operating an ATV upon lands of another shall stop and identify himself upon the request of the landowner and if requested by landowner shall remove the ATV from the premises.

Panel Discussion

Suggestions for property owners:  Do not get angry!

Warn ATV operators if you do not want them on your property. Examples are :  build gates or place signs on your property  or phone individuals or send letters notifying them not to trespass on your property. Ask State Police to speak to ATV users if no                 co-operation. Do not do anything to your property that would be a hazzard on ATV trails.

If you can get an ATV rider stopped, ask for insurance coverage, tell riders that they must have this coverage to ride on your property. Document date and time you spoke to them.

In order to file charges you must have a way to identify the ATV user. You can use a description. Photos are worth 1000 words, examples to capture a photo may be using your cell phone, trail camera or a still camera. Document date and time again!

Police will not risk damage or injury by chasing ATVs. If you want to identify ATVs, you should do it yourself.

Suggestions for insurance

For accidents on private property, your homeowners liability insurance will cover you, in most cases the court will rule both parties at fault.

The panel suggests homeowners carry $1 million of liability, most policies have around $300,000. It is relatively inexpensive to increase this to the $1 million.

Homeowners insurance will not cover the homeowner for damages done to their property by an ATV. If the ATV owner has liability insurance it will cover this, if not then the owner could sue the ATV owner.  

Additional information is available on line:       chapter 77

Special thanks to our panel:

Trooper Bruce Morris - Pa State Police

Dan Nelson - Attorney at Mason Law Office

Michael Rudella - Senior Magistrate

Matthew Hill - Owner, Logan Branch Insurance Agency























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