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    The Graham Township Neighborhood watch has decided to change their monthly meeting format. Monthly meetings will be discontinued but we will continue to function with meetings called on an as-needed basis. We will continue to post on our website and maintain our contact list to inform residents should anything important happen.

   For those of you planning yard sales, we have received reports of  someone stealing items such as video games at the Deer Creek Road community sales.


Posted on 24 Jul 2013 by watch
When to call 911
Call 9-1-1 for any crime, fire, or serious medical problem in progress or suspected to be in progress.
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Posted on 01 Apr 2013 by watch

   Last year we received an e-mail from the W.B. Goodwin Community Center, Springfield, Pa . One of their students (Jamie L.) found our website and suggested we post this web-site, The site has a home safety guide for kids. It covers: house safety, yard safety, fire safety, internet safety and stranger safety along with other helpful information. Please take time to review the site carefully because it contains information that may save your children someday.

   Our regularly scheduled meetings are on the third Thursday of the month, at 7:00 PM at the township building. We are in need of new members, also we keep an e-mail list used to notify persons of any important news in the township. If you want your name on the list, let a member know or send an e-mail to neighbor watch.

   Again, thanks to Jamie for her suggestion.

P.S.  7/8 mailboxes were koocked off on Sington Rd on February 13, 2013

Posted on 14 Feb 2013 by watch
The neighborhood watch held a special question and answer meeting on September 20th to address the topic of all-terrain vehicles in the township. A panel of experts including the Pa State Police, a senior magistrate, an attorney and a representative of the insurance industry answered questions from residents. The following conclusions were agreed upon by the panel;
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Posted on 26 Sep 2012 by watch
Everyone should take 5 minuites to read this! It may save your life or a loved one's life.
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Posted on 30 Dec 2010 by watch

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Meetings are held the third Thursday of every month 7:00 p.m. at the township building( no meeting in December due to the holidays)

Graham Township Neighborhood Watch
3395 Deer Creek Road
Morrisdale,Pa. 16858
E-mail address :
contact person : Bill Little Sr. 342 -2854
State Police Woodland 857 - 3800
Emergency call 911

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