Nov 14, 2011



Chairman Sam Carr called the Regular Meeting of the Graham Township Board of Supervisors to order with the salute to the flag. A roll call of members showed Supervisors Ivan Kyler and Steve Condo were also present.

Public Participation: In compliance with “The Sunshine Law” Chairman Carr offered the first few minutes of the meeting to those wishing to address the board.

Minutes: The minutes for 10/10/2011 were read. Kyler made a motion to approve Condo seconded and the motion was carried by all voting yes. The minutes for the Budget Meeting of 11/11/2011 were read. Kyler made a motion to approve, Condo seconded and the motion was carried by all voting yes.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer's report was not approved. Kyler questioned a total. Report was tabled for next meeting.



Bills 21

PSATS News Bulletin

Keystone Collections executed copy of Tax Agreement

Auditor General Letter stating increased allocation for the fire companies was a one time event.

Clearfield County Planning and Community Development - Lutz-A Gas Well is on file.

- County Affordable Trust Fund information

P. Joseph Lehman, Inc. - Bridge Inspection Report on T-697 over Moravian Run

Representative Camille George Grant and Loan Programs Booklet for 2012

GEOTECH General Permit for gas well Lutz-A

Clearfield County Economic Development Corp. - Support and consideration of becoming a member

Morris. Twp. Vol. Fire Co. - Letter regarding the needs for funds, Chief Jim Lytle


Bills 19

CNB Signature Cards for the Schoonover Road and the Bridge Accounts

PLIGIT deposit

Payroll Checks 3

Morris Twp Vol. Fire Co. - Foreign Relief Fund Allocation

- Letter regarding donation from the township.

Wallaceton Vol. Fire Co. - Foreign Relief Fund Allocation

Helen Turner Documentation on the reorganization meeting in January.

Lori Rowles - Documentation on the reorganization meeting in January.

Gail Hurley - Documentation on the reorganization meeting in January.

Bureau Veritas check for permit fee

Joseph Kerceneck letter regarding employment

Township Reports

A. Subdivisions / Development

a. Curt McKnight, GEO TECH Engineering, presented a four parcel subdivision for Christine Modzel. The subdivision has no sewage planning. The plans were tentatively approved until it is signed by the SEO.

B. Solicitor's Report

a. Mr. Sobel is revising the Speeds Limit Ordinance #2-11 and the Street Excavation Ordinance #3-11.

b. Sobel will contact the attorney of a resident regarding the cost of an auto accident in the township.

    c. Sobel will file a complaint with the magistrate regarding a nuisance ordinance violation in Shady Acres.

    C. Permits Issued

      a. Building (1) Richard English

      b. Sewage (1) Shirley Harvey

      c. Driveway (0)

      d. Other (0)

      D. Engineer's Report, Nothing new

E. Roadmaster's Report

a. Condo stated that the local residents that haul loads over 10 ton, need to bond the road just like the “out of the area” companies.

b. Condo spoke with the SEO regarding a sewage problem on Centre Hill Road. A new system has been installed and passed inspection.

F. Neighborhood Crime Watch

a. Resident Jeffrey Williams talked about a suspicious person walking along Deer Creek Road. He spoke to this person and he did seem very suspicious. Williams said he called the township to find out how to reach the Crime Watch. He would like to know exactly who he should call to report a problem. He also would like to know if someone from Crime Watch still sends out alerts by email. Supervisor Kyler said he would look into the matter. It was also suggested to call the State Police in this situation.

b. It was discussed that more residents need to go to the Crime Watch meetings. The meetings are the third Thursday of the month,

G. Big Run Park is closed for the season.

Old Business

a. Fred Edward, representing the Morris Township Volunteer Fire Company, spoke to the supervisors about a request for help toward paying the insurance on equipment. He said the fire company answered 191 calls this year with 48 of those calls for Graham Township. He noted the insurance costs are increasing, and they are not making a lot on the Bingo games fundraisers. He said “We are asking for a little help paying insurance on the equipment.” It was decided that the supervisors will attend a Fireman's meeting in January and discuss donations. The supervisors and residents thanked the fire company for all they do.

b. The supervisors will be advertising for a code enforcement officer.

    c. The solicitor will file a citation with the magistrate, as mentioned in his report.

Unpaid Bills

Condo made a motion to pay the bills, Kyler seconded and the motion carried with all voting yes.

New Business

a. It was announced, the Supervisor's Reorganization will be held Tuesday 01/03/1212.

b. The Auditor's Reorganization Meeting will be held Wednesday 01/04/2012.

Commendations Presented

Chairman Sam Carr and Secretary Linda Bowes talked about a blocked scam perpetrated against the township. Bowes explained that the township had gotten an allocation for the bridge on Sington Raod. During the next day or so, the township received a fax, allegedly from the United States Department of Transportation, asking information about the township bank account, noting they had not received the needed financial information.

She forwarded the information to the address, supposedly for the US DOT. Later, a CNB Bank Representative called Bowes wanting to confirm that $28,000 was being sent out of the account to Russia. She replied that no funds were being sent to Russia. The form was an actual form used by the US DOT with what appeared to be a legitimate signature. On the form authorizing the transaction, Bowes' and Supervisor Condo's signatures had been perfectly forged. Fortunately, the allocation had not yet been deposited. The bank immediately froze the town account and the scam was foiled.

Carr read a letter to Bowes commending her for her prompt and professional action in the matter, and also a letter to the CNB Bank representative commending her for her prompt and professional action.


Kyler made a motion to adjourn at 7:50 PM, Condo seconded and the motion was carried with voting yes.

Respectively Submitted,

Linda J. Bowes


Posted on 21 Dec 2011 by grahmtwp
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